Are Buying Agents Worth the Expense?

Buying agents, their services and their advantages, are not widely known or understood by many prospective buyers and tenants. Yet the reality is that engaging a buying agent is actually one of those most financially savvy moves any buyer or tenant can make when searching for a property. Unlike estate agents, whose primary purpose is to act on behalf of the vendor to sell or rent properties at the highest possible price, buying agents work in the buyer’s best interest to source properties at the lowest possible price.

Using their extensive network of contacts, buying agents work solely for the buyer or tenant’s benefit, conducting due diligence and calling on their connections to ensure that you find a property that exceeds expectations.

By sourcing high-value properties and negotiating on behalf of the buyer, buying agents therefore save their clients time and money. Their expertise and experience guarantee that buyers don’t make expensive, time-consuming mistakes before and during their purchase, and most importantly, they provide the knowledge and understanding needed to successfully navigate the UK’s off-market real estate that rarely make it into the public domain.

While buying agents do charge a percentage of the final sale price, this represents a minimal expense if you take into account the money saved by getting an optimum price for your ideal property, without having to endure the stress of negotiations.

James Nightingall